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Healthy choice for your AWS Cloud

CloudAvocado is a tool that provides cloud cost management for AWS to cut your cost up to 70%. 

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Our Trusted Partners We just got featured in the following customers and it has been the most incredible journey.

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Data-driven cloud cost management

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Resource management

Easily manage and schedule AWS resources across your organization

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Cloud cost audit

Get AWS cost estimate and analytics for selected instances and regions

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Discover optimization opportunities

Uncover usage-based recommendations & insights for efficient cloud cost optimization

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Discover over provisioned resources

Detect underutilized resources and drill down into instances & cluster groups for painless cost reduction

Supported services

CloudAvocado connects with the basic services and provides tools for cloud cost optimization

cost optimization tool ec2 support
cost optimization tool eks support
cost optimization tool RDS support
cost optimization tool ECS support
cost optimization tool DocumentDB support
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Painless cost reduction & immediate ROI


Manage cloud costs with simple view and intuitive filters to get comprehensive reports across all accounts and regions

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Optimization Lab

Drill down and analyze resource utilization to get insights on scaling and other cost optimization opportunities

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Get real-time analytics & reports on cloud usage and costs, as well as potential cost savings for required business units

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Cloud Health

Check on your AWS environment health status and get custom recommendations to enhance cloud cost management

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